A Comfy Option of Fashion

People say, beauty is pain.

I say beauty is making great choices.

When it comes to fashion, I choose the most comfortable and versatile pieces. That is why the first collection from Nyaw is the “Comfy Collection”



These you-can-see dresses are made from high quality cotton fabric that is quite heavy so they don’t fly when the wind comes (that will be embarassing). The dress comes in one set with the cardigan to protect you from getting cold while keep you looking chic. Whole set only costs Rp 150000,-




Did you know, that jumpsuits are becoming a 2013 trend? Grab these cute jumpsuits for only Rp 100000, – and be the centre of attention.





Having an optional cotton longdress for a quick  go would be nice, grab one of these great looking dresses and look your finest in just a whizz for only Rp 100000,-




For a more funky feel, check these chiffon batwing shirt. Looks ggod for work and for play. What a great deal for only RP. 50000,-

So that is our first clothing collection, looks quite simply comfy right? If you are interested please leave a comment or e-mail us on nyaw.invasion@gmail.com

Have a nice day guys!

-Madame Nyaw, comfortable as can be-


Starting The Invasion (Let Go The Dragon!)

I have always love to be out and about in local bazaars and flea markets, that is why the first invasion of the Nyaw clothing brand begins at The Cibadak Fair 2013 on 1-2 March.
The Tents were made in fully red, it felt beautifully like a real Chinese Festival!


On the first day we had many technical difficulties, but I guess practice makes better and the second day was a blast!


We had a great day, the festival was superbly on fire. I could not forget how the dragons danced up close to our tent and how people although were exhausted kept on doing a long march around Cibadak Street.


So if you hear about the Cibadak Festival, be sure to come and hopefully we can meet on another prosperous year! 😀

-Madame Nyaw, loving dancing dragons-

The Story of Nyaw Birth Day

One day two very bored and crazy cosmetic formulator were having a great chat when suddenly one of them said:

“I like clothes, don’t you think we should make clothes?”

And the other said:

“I totally like clothes! Of course we should make clothes!”

Then they agreed to make a clothing line when suddenly one of those crazy cosmetic formulators said:

“I need help on being more creative.”

The other said:

“Why don’t we ask my cousin to join, she’s much more crazy than we are!”

And then the Nyaw clothing and accesories line was born. It was born from boredom and things that are born from boredom are always the best of all.

In the process of this all, the crazy persona of Nyaw gave born to Madame Nyaw which will be hosting through out this blog.

Enjoy refreshments of the day!

– 3 very bored and crazy people who loves Nyaw-